Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Being Canadian, when I use the word "headshot" I realize most people think I'm talking about hockey. Since we have no hockey this year (I am a self-described cultural hockey, that's not an oxymoron), the "headshot" in this case is the photograph taken for promotional purposes.

Hopefully not to appear on wanted or missing posters.

My lovely friend and second reader, Lizz Sisson (of Studio Starling), flew up from Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with us this weekend past. We drove an hour or so south of Ottawa to celebrate with an overnight at a friend's farm summer camp. It wasn't a farm, because then Lizz would have had a hard time with customs. There are no animals at the camp -- just wild garlic. Okay, customs-man?

It's not easy getting photographs done. Lizz is really, really good, but she says that it's hard to take photos of your friends, because you know what they look like.

So it only took about seven hundred shots to get a usable four. Once the photoshopping is done (no, no, no, not so I look thinner or younger, but rather to make sure my neck doesn't just become part of my head, like Beaker on Sesame Street (see above), I'll send them to Night Shade Books and let them decide which one best represents the book.